How Does Pest Control Brisbane Help To Stop Ants Before Entering The Property?

Though spring is when you enjoy doing outdoor activities, pest problems don’t let you do so. And one such pest is Ants; you see them in the yard, home, terrace, in short, everywhere. If this is the case, it is the time when you should contact Pest Control Brisbane professionals before ants get out of hand. However, let us follow these guides from experts to stop them from entering the property.

To Prevent, Let Us First See How You Spot The Sign Of Infestation.

Look for the following warning sing before ants get out of control:

Anthills: can be large or small mounds of dry soil that they dig to create the colonies.

A large number of live Ants: dwelling from one place to other.

Pathways: worker ants leave chemicals behind, and other ants follow the same path.

Suggested Ways By Pest Control Brisbane To Stop Ant Infestation

Although you should leave ant removal on pest control expert yet here are some suggestions to follow:

Cleaning The Food Source:

Undoubtedly, ants invade your property in search of food. Therefore, don’t leave food crumbs, and wipe spills immediately. In addition, try keeping food items in tightly sealed containers. Empty garbage regularly, and don’t forget to close the lid when not in use.

Work On Entry Points:

Ants enter your home to seek shelter, so keep them away before they become a headache for you. Inspect the areas of the house to identify where ants can get in. Then seal the gaps, holes, apply sealants around the lakes. If necessary, spray insecticides that Brisbane Pest Control suggests around the entry points.

Focus On Landscaping To Ensure They Don’t Come Back:

Cut bushes, branches of trees, maintain a healthy lawn. Alternatively, ensure that there is gaping between the building foundation and trees.  Make sure you clear the gutter and spray insecticides from time to time.

What If They Still Invade Your Home?

So, now you have tried every way possible to stop them from entering your premises. But still, you see them crawling at home. The best thing is to find the ant colony and perform removal directly there. On the other hand, you can place bait traps containing poison and help remove the entire ant colony.

But there are chances that you still need professional pest control in Brisbane because there is not just one colony near your home. Professionals help identify the real cause of the reoccurring ants’ problem and effectively remove it.


Now you know what brings ants to your home, how to keep them away from the property. But in case if you are unsuccessful in treating an infestation, then simply contact pest control Brisbane, for Ant extermination. An Expert identifies the type of ant and provides a professional elimination program accordingly.

Leanne is a skilled pest control expert of Green Pest Shield. He has attained his professional pest control license through a detailed training process. He can identify the causal pests at a glance due to his experience.